• Localization/Robot Navigation and Control
    CSS-based Wireless Localization Tag Mobile Robot Hewit Image Processing-based Direct Sensor
  • Control Engineering/Learning Control/Parametric Interval Computation/Estimation
  • Robot Intelligence (Learning, Reinforcement Learning)
    Bio-insect and artificial robot interaction
  • Multi-agent Systems/Coordination of UAV and UMV
    Leader-follower type formation using consensus algorithms (e-puck) Experiment of Distance-based Formation Control for Unmanned Multi-agent Systems Leader-follower type formation using consensus algorithms (Quad-copter) formation control of 5 agents quad-copter (Quad-copter) Bio-mimetic V-formation flying of UAVs using relative positions Leader-follower Formation Flying using Relative Distance and Angle
  • Embedded Network Systems/Wireless Sensor Network
  • Aerospace Vehicle Control/Astrodynamics
    Quadrotor moving test(using Nonlinear control) Quadrotor hovering test(using Nonlinear control)